Lympo token upgrade/swap tutorial

It’s time to upgrade the LYM token! | Token swap information

As you may well know, Lympo’s ultimate goal is creating a comprehensive healthy lifestyle platform powered by user-generated and user-controlled data, it all being connected to real-life use cases for the LYM utility token. To be able to continue technical work in this direction, a need has arisen to upgrade the LYM token to a newer and more robust version which will help ensure a bright future for the whole platform. And that’s exactly what we’re doing!

You will receive an upgraded Lympo token between 27th and 28th of February. For your comfort – tokens inside the exchange will be automatically updated.

This is the new Lympo Token address you need to add to your Ethereum wallet :


If you are using MetaMask or MEW wallet – click on tabs below.

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1. MetaMask



Press three dots next to old LYM token & press “Hide Token”


Press “Hide” again


Press “Menu” to open more options


Enter New LYM token Smart Contract address:

Add token Symbol “LYM”

Enter 18 decimals

And press “next” button and you are done, never been so easy!

2. MEW MyEtherWallet



1. Press “+ Custom Tokens”



2. Enter New LYM token Smart Contract address: 0xc690f7c7fcffa6a82b79fab7508c466fefdfc8c5

3. On MEW wallet you are not able to hide old LYM, therefore we recommend to enter token symbol “New LYM” so you are not confused.

4. 18 decimals

5. Press “Save”



And you are done, never been so easy!