Enter the Lympo Sport Universe!

Start your NFT minting journey with Lympo and $SPORT. Stake tokens, earn credits, and mint unique NFTs! From digital collectibles of your favorite world-famous sports stars to exclusive in-game assets of the most popular P2E games in the world — everyone can find their right fit.

How does it work?

Select pool

Choose the pool you want to participate in. Each pool has different mechanics and diverse NFT collections ranging from real life athletes to custom and distinctive characters of various brands — so everyone will find their perfect fit. If one's not enough — you can participate in multiple pools at once.
<span>Select</span> pool

Stake Lympo & Partner Tokens

To participate, load your digital wallet with $SPORT and other required tokens and stake them in a pool you've chosen. Stake anywhere from 900 to 3 million $SPORT tokens and venture into the Lympo universe of $SPORT!
<span>Stake</span> Lympo & Partner Tokens

Receive credits

Stake $SPORT tokens and accumulate daily credits. The amount of credits varies on the number of $SPORT tokens staked. We aim to create a fair competition system between all holders without excluding any group of participants. Everyone can get their hands on unique Lympo digital collectibles.
<span>Receive</span> credits

Obtain your NFTs

Accumulate credits by staking various amounts of $SPORT tokens, then spend the credits to mint exclusive Lympo NFTs. Every collection is filled with cards of different rarity and prices based on scarcity.
<span>Obtain</span> your NFTs

The Lympo Blog

Get the latest information about the world of sports NFTs, Lympo product updates, new athlete collections and industry insights

Fair credit system

To keep the NFT minting process fair for all community members, we've created the Fair Credit System – allowing everyone to get their hands on Lympo NFTs. It doesn't matter if you own a few hundred or millions of SPORT tokens - you get a chance to participate.

The Fair Credit System formula allows you to earn 1 to 10 credits per day according to the number of SPORT tokens staked in the pool. Stake anywhere from 900 SPORT to a maximum of 3 million tokens.

However, the formulas used to design the staking mechanism might be adjusted, optimized, and tweaked based on the data and feedback we gather during NFT minting.

We aim to create a fair competition system between all holders without excluding any group of participants and make the Lympo minting experience enjoyable for everyone.

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