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How it works?

Sports and health ecosystem powered by user-generated and user-controlled data

Fitness wallet and user rewards mechanism

  • Personal fitness wallet connected to health apps and wearables
  • Token rewards for pre-defined trackable health goals
  • Health and fitness data storage for individual’s future use


  • In-platform purchases starting from an existing platform with 500+ fitness trainers
  • Healthy lifestyle goods and services in return for data
  • Tailor-made health and fitness advice based on data users’ and interests

Crowdfunding platform

  • Innovative industry startups seeking funding and expertise
  • Lympo ecosystem community reviews and ratings for startups
  • LYM token investments enabling access to Lympo user base

Lympo ecosystem

Which part of ecosystem will you belong? See benefits!


Ada Jonušė

CEO and Founder

Tadas Maurukas

Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder

Marius Šilenskis

Chief product officer and co-founder

Gintautas Nekrošius

Chief Marketing Officer

Gintautas Kišonas

CTO / Software Development Lead / Process Architect

Patrick Brown

Solution Architect

Darius Adomaitis

Business development manager

Arvydas Tumalavicius

Head of International Community

Dovydas Bernotas

Project Manager

Sungmin Kim

Asia Business Manager

Ernesta Petkevičiūtė

Creative Director / Designer


Antanas Guoga

Cryptoeconomics & Business

Taavi Roivas

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Sonic Zhang


Danilo S. Carlucci

Marketing & Growth

Dr. David Manset


Justas Kregzde

Smart Contract Lead

Hainan Hu


Bill Angelidis

Business & asset management

Nerijus Skruodys


Tomas Gurvicius

Business & asset management

Stan Kuliavas

Business & asset management

Jürgen Eckel


Fabio Cardoni

Business development

Blockchain for Sports Alliance

Caroline Wozniacki

The Most Powerful Women in International Sports 2018

Jordan Travers, Australia

Holistic health coach

Andrius Gudžius, Lithuania

Discus throw world champion

Paulius Ritter, U.S.

Fitness coach, former boxer

Lympo roadmap

Our company’s journey

Dec. 2016
Start of the Lympo platform development.
Angel investment received.
May 2017
Start of the preparation for the Token sale
Sep. 2017
Lympo platform MVP launched (no blockchain solutions yet).
Nov. 2017
First partnerships for the future Lympo ecosystem.
Jan. 2018
Lympo pre-SALE
Q2 2018
Launch of the Lympo fitness wallet proof of concept.
Feb. 2018
Lympo Token sale
Q3 2018
Lympo fitness wallet full BETA release
Q3 2018
Lympo fitness wallet integrated with the first Lympo ecosystem partners.
Q1 2019
Start monetising Lympo tokens partnering with employers and health insurances.
Q2 2019
Open API for further data solutions by third parties launched.
Q3 2019
First partnerships with research institutions on fitness data use.
Launch of the full two-sided marketplace for fitness data.

Token distribution & PRE-SALE

token distribution


Date: January 23 — February 3 (or as long as supply lasts)

Total token supply: LYM

Total hard cap: 14.625 ETH = 650 million LYM

Soft cap : 15%

  • Pre-sale: 265 million LYM = 5000 ETH
  • 20% bonus for 90 million LYM. 1 ETH = 60.000 LYM
  • The rest 175 million LYM 1 ETH = 50.000 LYM

  • Token sale: 385 mln. LYM = 9625 ETH
  • 1 ETH = 40.000 LYM

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