Blockchain fitness and mindfulness revolution

Pre-SALE - coming soon

Our vision

Lympo fitness wallet:
rewards for a healthy lifestyle

  • Get rewards for your exercising achievements
  • Get rewards from life insurers and your company for healthy lifestyle
  • Pay with LYM tokens for healthy lifestyle products and services
  • Control access to your data: share it with your personal fitness/mindfulness coach or physician
  • Accumulate your data to share it with health banks and research institutions
  • No matter which fitness/wellness app or wearable you use: make your data count!

Why to invest?


Every day, hundreds of millions people track their fitness and wellness data on multiple running, exercising, diet, meditation, sleep tracking and other apps and wearables.

Digital health market is exploding both in the number of new companies in this field and the expected market size of $233.3 billion by 2020. In 2016, the estimated number of mHealth apps showed a yearly increase of 57% with the number of downloads totalling 3.2 billion.

Market value in billion U.S. dollars
Lympo is an existing platform to find the best personal trainer. LYM tokens will serve as utility tokens on Lympo platform and in the healthy lifestyle ecosystem based on user-controlled fitness data

What data are we gathering? Over the years, the fastest-growing mHealth sector was fitness and wellness domain with the projected compound annual growth (CAGR) of 48.1%.


Dec. 2016 Completed
Start of the Lympo platform development. Angel investment received.
May 2017 Completed
Start of the preparation for the ICO.
Sep. 2017 Completed
Lympo platform MVP launched (no blockchain solutions yet).
Nov. 2017 Completed
First partnerships for the future Lympo ecosystem.
Dec. 2017

Lympo pre-ICO

Feb. 2018
Launch of the Lympo fitness wallet proof of concept.
Feb. 2018

Lympo ICO

Q2 2018
Lympo fitness wallet full BETA release
Q3 2018
Lympo fitness wallet integrated with the first Lympo ecosystem partners.
Q1 2019
Start monetising Lympo tokens partnering with employers and health insurances.
Q2 2019
Open API for further data solutions by third parties launched.
Q3 2019
First partnerships with research institutions on fitness data use.

Launch of the full two-sided marketplace for fitness data.

Token distribution

1,000,000,000 Lympo Tokens LYM

Token sale:


150,000,000 LYM
No minimum threshold
Max threshold during the pre-ICO ~ 10,000,000 LYM, i.e. 286 ETH
20% discount for the first 30 million LYM
10% discount for the next 20 million LYM
5% discount for additional 10 million LYM
The rest: 1 ETH - 30,000 LYM
Unsold tokens will be burned

Lympo Team

Ada Jonušė

CEO, co-founder

After leaving European politics, Ada jump-started a career in the startup world by co-founding a platform to find best fitness coaches and joining two tech companies in their efforts to conquer the US market. Previously, Ada started the biggest ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltics #SWITCH! and her current mission is to provide every Lithuanian fifth-grader with a micro controller with the project “Micro:bit for every Lithuanian kid!”. In 2017 Ada was named as one of emerging Central and Eastern Europe tech stars by the Financial Times, Google and other New Europe 100 list partners. Sports: yoga, running.

Laurynas Gumbis

COO, co-founder

Physical therapists, Sports entrepreneur, COO of While studying at the Lithuanian Sports University, Laurynas worked four different hospitals and centers of rehabilitation, and opened a private consulting room. Later, he established an Association of Healthy Motion and started working with various sports professionals, for example, Lithuania‘s national basketball, skiing and martial arts team and the Lithuanian Academic Rowing team, which won silver and bronze medals at Rio‘s Olympic games. Sports: physical therapy, sports medicine.

Marius Šilenskis

Head of ITO

Founder of AnyIdeas – creative advertising agency. Marius is an experienced and professional IT project manager with five years of digital project management experience. Key areas of expertise include: IT developers team management, exceptional taste and understanding of modern design, advanced programming skills in several languages. Sports: fitness.

Tadas Maurukas

Head of digital marketing

Head of Digital Marketing, passionate marketing strategist. Tadas use most effective tools to generate ROI for different size of business – ranging from local start-ups to international multi-million profit companies. Tadas has joined crypto community back in 2015 and remained involed ever since. Sports: no sweat. Chess and poker.

Živile Kairytė

Community manager

Community Manager: 2+ years experience in sales, human resources and marketing. Worked with B2B and B2C companies to ensure their customer satistaction targets. Addicted to growthing brands and creative adverts. Sports: horseback riding,

Domas Ambrazevičius

Head of design

Senior graphic designer and animator at AnyIdeas creative advertising agency. Always looking for new inspirations, loves travelling the world and experiences everything he can. Sports: skiing, voleyball.

Adomas Dicius

Senior full stack developer,

Travelling entrepreneur with a background in ICT Engineering and a vast experience in Full-Stack development and UX design. Having worked in a few interesting start-ups, Adomas is now a Co-Founder and CTO at a start-up disrupting the wholesale food business industry of B2B. He is thrilled about challenges and creatively overcoming roadblocks as well as extremely motivated towards deepening his knowledge in a wide spectre of areas. Sports: yoga.

Paulius Ritter

Fitness expert

Personal trainer (California, U.S.), former heavyweight boxer, brother of the Olympic silver rowing medal holder (men’s double sculls, Rio Olympics 2016) Saulius Ritter, advisor on the U.S. market entry.

Our advisors

Antanas Guoga

Business & asset management

Member of European Parliament. Also known as TonyG, Antanas is a serial entrepreneur and a well-known poker player. He is actively participating in political discussions regarding cryptocurrencies and cyber security.

Nerijus Skruodys


Software engineer passionate for blockchain technology with more than 15 year of experience in the analysis, technical design and development of software solutions using various technologies (C++, ASP.NET, Java, etc.). Currently coordinating development of several IT projects in the international environment.

Justas Kregzde


Justas is an online gaming software developer with more than 12 years of experience in the field. In addition to that, he is an author & a contributor of 10 published iOS and Android games. For the past three years, Justas has been working as an online poker software developer. Over the last year, he has been focusing on blockchain related projects & smart contracts

Hainan Hu


Security engineer and white-hat hacker. Hainan is a security engineer at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Berlin. Before joining BCG, Hainan has worked as security engineer in companies like Zalando and SoundCloud. Hainan is a red team (offensive security) specialist, but able to do blue team (defensive security) as well. Hainan’s skill set includes penetration testing, security architecture review, threat modelling, risk assessment, and security training.

Dimitra Papadopoulou

Health & sports

Healthcare research expert, founder of meHealthX, lead consultant at CGI (Germany) for the public sector and healthcare in blockchain use cases and digital transformation, EU expert on digitization and digital preservation.

Bill Angelidis

Business & asset management

Bill, aka 'Pick', is a highly experienced all-rounder — software engineer, director, marketer and strategist. Bill is the Managing Director at Asta Solutions, an IT services company based in Melbourne which he co-founded in 1999. He's also CEO at, Director and Treasurer at VACRO and a Director at The Art Cabriolet. He loves volunteering for good causes and his local soccer team, Hawthorn Football Club.

Viktoras Vatinas, CFA

Business & asset management

CFA: portfolio manager at Partners Group (Zug, Switzerland) managing private debt funds, private loans, private credit strategies, asset allocation, cash level management. Former investment analyst at XL Catlin (Zurich, Switzerland), private banker and research assistant at the Swiss Finance Institute.

Tomas Gurvicius

Business & asset management

Crypto-investor, Dash Digital Cash community member, a partner at Crypto Tax & Legal and an advisor for various blockchain related projects.

Stan Kuliavas

Business & asset management

Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Levaero Aviation, Toronto, Canada. Investor & philanthropist. Former NCAA basketball coach. Passionate about basketball and sports, organiser of basketball charity events and other pro & amateur sports-related activities.