Rewards for App users

We are discontinuing the old Lympo app and would like to thank you for your time with us. All those great walks, challenging runs and enduring motivation to move - we could not have done without you.


Connect your

Press "connect your wallet" and allow the site to switch to the Polygon Network where your Digital Collectibles and Credits will be stored. Please only connect the blockchain wallet you've registered to receive the Digital Collectible.


Claim your

Once you press the “Claim Airdrop” button, the Digital Collectible and Credits will be transferred to your blockchain wallet. Once claimed, your Digital Collectible will belong to you. As for viewing, it will be visible under the “My Profile” section on the Lympo platform and OpenSea marketplace


Participate in
Lympo ecosystem

Your Digital Collectible and Credits will have utility in our platform. You will be able to acquire Digital Collectibles of world-famous sports stars, earn token rewards and participate in various events - dig deeper into the Ecosystem to use them.

Lympo Ecosystem

Our mission is to build digital-ownership-based sports products for a variety of users to enjoy. To achieve that we are building a Digital Sports Ecosystem and we would like to invite you to explore what we have already built.

NFT Minting

Minting a Digital Collectible (NFT) is publishing a digital file on the blockchain so it can be bought, sold, and traded. When you mint an NFT on the Lympo platform, you become the owner of it.
We bring different pools of unique digital collectibles - from Digital Collectibles of world-famous sports stars to exclusive in-game assets of the most popular Play-and-Earn games in the world. Digital Collectibles have high demand and are usually minted within the first hours of going live. Follow us on Twitter or join the Discord channel to ensure you get to mint your favourite athletes' official Digital Collectibles.

If you have questions - jump to our Help Desk and submit a request - our support staff is ready to help.